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Free GK Online Quiz

Free GK Online Quiz
1. Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, who has won the prestigious ‘Grammy Awards’ is an exponent in which of the following musical instruments?

(a) Sarod

(b) Tabla

(c) Violin

(d) Guitar

(e) Sitar

Ans. (d)

2. Ms Kim Campbell is the first Prime Minister of

(a) Congo

(b) Canada

(c) Portugal

(d) Philippines

(e) Switzerland

Ans. (b)

3. Which among the famous danseuses is not an exponent of the Odissi dance style?

(a) Sanjukta Panigrahi

(b) Sonal Man Singh

(c) Madhavi Mudgal

(d) Yamini Krishnamurthy

Ans. (d)

4. Limba Ram is associated with which of the following fields?

(a) Motion pictures

(b) Sports

(c) Social service

(d) Politics

Ans. (b)

5. Who, among the following, is a social activist campaigning against child labour?

(a) Baba Amte

(b) Shabana Azmi

(c) Mira Nair

(d) Swami Agnivesh

Ans. (d)

6. Ms. Meera Sahib Fathima Beevi is distinguished as the first lady

(a) Judge of the High Court

(b) Governor of a state

(c) Judge of the Supreme Court

(d) Gold medal winner in sports

(e) Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Ans. (c)

7. Ms. Hazel O’Leary has a reputation in which of the following fields?

(a) Motion Picture

(b) Literature

(c) Photo journalism

(d) Theatre

(e) None of these

Ans. (e)

8. Pandit K.G. Ginde, was well known for his contribution in which of the following.

(a) Literature

(b) Sanskrit

(c) Ayurveda

(d) Music

(e) Dance

Ans. (d)

9. Miss Universe 1995, Ms. Sushmita Sen hails from which of the following cities?

(a) Bombay

(b) Chandigarh

(c) Bangalore

(d) New Delhi

Ans. (d)

10. Michael Jackson was a distinguished personality in which of the following fields?

(a) Journalism

(b) Acting

(c) Pop music

(d) Sports

Ans. (c)

11. Late Raja Ravi Verma, was an eminent figure in which of the following fields?

(a) Dance

(b) Politics

(c) History

(d) Painting

(e) Music

Ans. (d)

12. Bulo C. Rani was associated with which of the following fields?

(a) Politics

(b) Motion picture

(c) Journalism

(d) Sports

(e) Social Service

Ans. (b)

13. Which of the following is correctly matched?

(a) Dr. Malcolm Adiseshiah : Cooperative Movement

(b) Dr. Pramod Karan Sethi : Jaipur Foot

(c) Dr. Kurien : Space Science

(d) Dr. Abdul Kalam : Development Economics

Ans. (b)

14. Jude Felix has established reputation as an Indian player in which of the following games ?

(a) Hockey

(b) Volleyball

(c) Football

(d) Golf

(e) Tennis

Ans. (a)

15. Who among the following is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh?

(a) Le Corbousier

(b) Pupul Jayakar

(c) Nek Chand

(d) Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay

Ans. (c)

16. R.K. Laxman excelled as

(a) Journalist

(b) Writer

(c) Cartoonist

(d) None of these

Ans. (c)

17. Dr. Joon Lew of Korea, the recipient of International Gandhi Award is known for his service in which of the following?

(a) Eradication of leprosy

(b) Campaign against AIDS

(c) Elimination of child labour

(d) Fight against drugs

Ans. (a)

18. Late Girilal Jain was a noted figure in which of the following fields?

(a) Literature

(b) Journalism

(c) Politics

(d) Social Service

(e) Science & technology

Ans. (b)

19. Dr. V. Kurien has distinguished himself in which of the following areas?

(a) Poultry farms

(b) Economic Reforms

(c) Dairy development

(d) Atomic Energy

(e) Labour Movements


20. Which of the following is correctly matched?

(a) M.S. Swaminathan - Nuclear Scientist

(b) TN. Kaul - Diplomat

(c) Ganga - Dancer

(d) Astral Deboo - Cartoonist


21. Who is known as Indian Bismarck?

(a) Nehru

(b) Rajaji

(c) Patel

(d) Kamraj

Ans. (c)

22. The first Indian to swim across English Channel was

(a) P. K. Banerji

(b) Mihir Sen

(c) V. Merchant

(d) Arati Saha

Ans. (b)

23. Who is considered as ‘Trimurti’ (Trinity) of Carnatic Music?

(a) Muthuswami Dikshitar

(b) Thyagaraja

(c) Swami Thirunal

(d) Purandardasa

Ans. (a)

24. Jamini Roy was a famous

(a) Actor

(b) Producer

(c) Dancer

(d) Painter

(e) Sculptor

Ans. (d)

25. Govind Talwalkar, recipient of the recently announced B. D. Goenka Award for excellence in Journalism, was the editor of which of the following newspapers?

(a) Lok Satta

(b) The Maharashtra Times

(c) The Tribune

(d) Nay Bharat Times

(a) None of these

Ans. (b)

26. Which of the following is not associated with vocal music?

(a) Pandit Jasraj

(b) Mallikarjun Mansur

(c) Kishori Amonkar

(d) Shiv Kumar Sharma

(e) Bhimsen Josh

Ans. (d)

27. Amjad All Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?

(a) Violin

(b) Sitar

(c) Sarod

(d) Veena


28. Ms. Vijaya Mehta has earned distinction in which of the following fields?

(a) Theatre

(b) Journalism

(c) Classical dance

(d) Film direction

(e) Classical music


29. Chandigarh was designed by

(a) Le Corbusier

(b) Edward Lutyens

(c) Christopher Wren

(d) Michelongo


30. Shovna Narayan is a reputed personality in which of following fields?

(a) Literature

(b) Journalism

(c) Painting

(d) Classical music

(e) Classical dance


31. M Sham Lal has done commendable work in which of the following fields?

(a) Social Service

(b) Trade Unionism

(c) Journalism

(d) Politics

(e) Rural Development


32. Which of the following names are associated with classical music?

1.Swami Haridas

2. Syama Shastri

3. Thyagaraja

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 2 and 3

(c) l and 3

(d) l,2 and 3


33. Which music director had the distinction of being the first Asian to compose a symphony for Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London?

(a) Nadeem -Sharavam

(b) Anand - Milind

(c) Shiv Hari

(d) None of these


34. Prof. Amartya Sen has earned worldwide distinction in which of the following fields/areas?

(a) Economics

(b) Geology

(c) Biochemistry

(d) Astrophysics

(e) Electronics


35. Who among the following was an eminent Painter?

(a) Sarada Ukil

(b) Uday Shankar

(c) V. Shantaram

(d) Yusuf Meherally


36. Gum Gopi Krishna was a maestro of which of the following dance forms?

(a) Manipuri

(b) Bharatnatyam

(c) Kuchipudi

(d) Kathak

(e) None of these


37. Jamini Roy is a famous

(a) dancer

(b) magician

(c) cartoonist

(d) painter


38. With which of the following was Satyajit Ray associated?

(a) Commercial art

(b) Classical music

(c) Classical dance

(d) Direction of films


39. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

(a) Lokmanya -Bal Gangadhar Tilak

(b) Netaji- Subhash Chandra Bose

(c) Deshbandhu -Chittaranjan Das

(d) Frontier Gandhi -Abul Kalam Azad


40. A. Nageshwara Rao is associated with which of the following fields?

(a) Sports

(b) Social service

(c) Literature

(d) Politics

(e) Motion Picture


41. Ms Bachendri Pal had undertaken a unique expedition for focusing attention on which of the following themes?

(a) National Integration

(b) The Girl Child

(c) Spirit of Adventure

(d) One Nation One Family


42.M.Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which of the following ?

(a) Swimming

(b) Wrestling

(c) Shooting

(d) Kabaddi

(e) None of these


43. Who among the following persons is called ‘Desert Fox’?

(a) Walter Scott

(b) Gen. Rommel

(c) Eisenhower

(d) Bismarck


44. Safdar Hashmi is a name associated with

(a) Drawing and painting

(b) Journalism

(c) instrumental music

(d) Cartooning

(e) None of these


45. Greto Garbo is a name associated with

(a) Journalism

(b) Literature

(c) Acting

(d) Classical dance


46. Who among the following is not a dramatist?

(a) Girish R. Karnad

(b) Hadal Sircar

(c) Vijay Tendulkar

(d) Jayanta Mahapatra


47. Gum Kelucharan Mohapatra is a maestro of which of the following dance forms?

(a) Kathak

(b) Kuchipudi

(c) Odissi

(d) Kathakali

(e) Bharatnatyam


48. Consider the following statements about Dalai Lama:

1. After fleeing Tibet, he settled down in Dharamsala.

2. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1989.

3. His Government in exile has not been recognized by any country.

4. Karmappa of the Rumtek Monastery has been named as his successor.

Of these statements, the correct ones are

(a) 2 and 4

(b) l, 2 and 3

(c) 1, 3 and 4

(4) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Ans. (b)

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