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Sample Questions on General Awareness

Sample Questions on General Awareness
1. The aim of the ISRO,s OCEANSAT-2 satellite is
(A) to provide ocean scientists knowledge about mineral resources under the sea
(B) to aid fishermen in identifying fishing zones
(C) to aid weathermen to forecast cylones and weather conditions
(D) All of the above

2. Which one among the following is regarded as the ‘Magna Carta’ of Indian education
(A) Wood’s Despatch
(B) Hunter’s Commission
(C) Sadler Commission
(D) Wardha Scheme

3. Nilgiri, Himgiri and Beas are
(A) Aircraft carrier ships
(B) Frigates
(C) Nuclear submarines
(D) Oil tankers of ONGC

4. The age of a tree can be calculated by
(A) number of branches
(B) its height
(C) girth of its trunk
(D) number of its annual rings

5. Which one of the statements below explains the external economies of scale?
(A) Starting a computer firm in a Techno Park to avail the expertise.
(B) Expanding firms employing specialist accountants, lawyers and managers.
(C) A manufacturer spreading the research and development cost over the output.
(D) A major supermarket gaining bulk discounts on direct purchase.

6. Which one of the following types of unemployment is common in Indian agriculture ?
(A) Frictional
(B) Structural
(C) Disguised
(D) Seasonal

7. A rolling plan refers to a plan which
(A) does not change its targets every year.
(B) changes its allocations every year.
(C) changes its allocations and targets every year.
(D) changes only its targets every year.

8. An instrument of qualitative credit control in India is
(A) open market operations
(B) credit rationing
(C) change in reserve ratio
(D) bank rate policy

9. Laissez-faire is a feature of
(A) Socialism
(B) Communism
(C) Capitalism
(D) Mixed Economy

10. Which one of the-following is not a source of the tax revenue in Indian States?
(A) Land Revenue
(B) Motor Vehicle Tax
(C) Entertainment Tax
(D) Corporate Tax

11. CSO has changed its base year for National Income estimation. The new base year is
(A) 1990-91
(B) 1993-94
(C) 1994-95
(D) 1995-96

12. Which is the biggest enterprise of the Government of India?
(A) Postal and Telegraph
(B) Railways
(C) Banking
(D) Shipping

13. In which type of competition does Marginal Revenue Curve coincide with Average Revenue Curve
(A) Monopoly
(B) Imperfect Competition
(C) Perfect Competition
(D) Monopolistic Competition

14. According to J.A. Schumpeter, entrepreneurs are entitled to enjoy the profit for their ______ activities.
(A innovative
(B) risk taking
(C)risk averting
(D) hard work

15. Demonstration effect means
(A) effect of advertisement
(B) imitating effect of consumption
(C) effect of entertainment
(D effect of an experiment

16. Homogeneous product is a feature
(A) Imperfect market
(B) Monopoly
(C) Oligopoly
(D) Perfect market

17. Which part of the Indian Constitution declares the Ideals of Welfare State?
(A) Fundamental Rights
(B) Fundamental Duties
(C) Preamble
(Q) Directive Principles of State Policy

.18. Who said, “Parliamentary System provides a daily as well as a periodic ‘assessment of the Government”
(A) Dr. B Ambedkar
(B) Shri B.N. Rao
(C) Shri Jawaharlal Nehru
(D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

19. The legal advisor to the State Government is known as
(A) Advocate-General
(B) Attorney-General
(C) Solicitor-General
(D) State Public Prosecutor

20. The maximum duration of Zero Hour in Lok Sabha is
(A)30 minutes
(B) one hour
(C)two hours
(D) unspecified

21. Which agency acts as co-ordinator between Union Government, Planning Commission and State Governments ?
(A) National Integration Council
(B) Finance Commission
(C) National Development Council
(D) Inter-State Council

22. When will demand become a grant?
(A) When a demand is proposed
(B) After the discussion on demand is over
(C) After the demand is granted
(D) When the Budget Session is closed

23. What makes the Judiciary the guardian of the Constitution ?
(A) Independence
(B) Service Conditions
(C) Salary
(D) Judicial Review

24. What is the name of Judicial organ of UNO?
(A) Supreme Court
(B) Court of International Justice
(C) Judicial Forum
(D) International Court of Justice

25. The Election disputes regarding the Election of President and Vice- President can be heard by
(A) Parliament
(B) Central Election Commission
(C) Supreme Court
(D) Attorney-General of India

256. Balwant Rai Mehta Committee suggested that the structure of Panchayati Raj should consist of
(A) the village, the block and the district levels
(B) the mandal and the district levels
(C) the village, the district and the State levels
(D) the village, the mandal, the district and the State levels

27. Which of the following has banned ‘floor Crossing’ by the members elected on a party ticket to the legislature?
(A) 52nd Constitution Amendment
(B) Representation of People Act
(C) National Security Act
(D) Maintenance of Internal Security Act

28. The expression ‘Creamy Layer’ used in the judgement of the Supreme Court relating to the case regarding reservations refers to
(A) those sections of society which pay Income-tax.
(B) those sections of socially and educationally backward classes of the society that are economically advanced.
(C) those sections of ‘the society that are considered advanced according to Karpuri Thakur formula
(D) all sections of upper castes of the society

29. When was the Panchtantra written?
(A) Maurya period
(B) Kanishka period
(C) Gupta period
(D) Harsha period

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