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Free Solved GK Objective test

Free Solved GK Objective test
1. Carrier of parasite Plasmodium is?
(B) Mosquito
(D) Lice

2. First organic chemical to be synthesized in laboratory?
(A) Citric acid
(B) Oxalic acid
(C) Urea
(D) Phosphoric acid

3. Which one is an organic acid?
(B) Sulphuric
(D) Phosphoric

4. Ice floats on water because?
(A) Ice is filled with air
(B) Ice less dense than water
(C) Waters depth more than ice
(D) Ice more dense than water

5. Petrol contains?
(A) Carbon, Oxygen
(B) Hydrogen, Oxygen
(C) Nitrogen, Oxygen
(D) Carbon, Hydrogen

6. Leaves look green, because?
(A) Reflect all colours
(B) Absorb all colours reflect green
(C) No effect of light on leaves
(D) Absorb only green

7. Lens system used in a micro scope is ?
(A) Convex
(B) Concave
(C) Concave, convex
(D) Plain lens

8. Ozone layer protects earth from?
(A) Meteriorites
(B) Cosmic and other radiations
(C) Harmful gases
(D) Space debris

9. ‘Raman effect’ was used to develop?
(A) Cooling glasses
(B) Space craft
(C) Atom bomb
(D) Detecting Scanners

10. In July 2010 ‘ISRO used the vehicle for launching 5 satellites

11. Curd making is an ancient ‘Bio technological’ process involving?
(B) Virus
(D) Protozoa

12. H5N1 virus causing global pandemic influenza is?
(A) Goat flu
(B) Bird flu
(C) Horse flu
(D) Cow flu

13. ‘Blue baby’ syndrome is because of drinking water with excess amounts of?
(A) Phosphates
(B) Sulphates
(C) Carbonates
(D) Nitrates

14. The Fourth Buddhist Council which was held in Kashmir during the reign of which King?
(A) Ashoka
(B) Kala Ashok
(C) Kanishka
(D) Ajatshatru

15. Which one among the following sites is located in the valley of
Gaggar and its associated rivers?
(A) Alamgirpur
(B) Lothal
(C) Mohenjodaro
(D) Banwali

16. Land revenue, which was the chief source of income during the Mauryan period, was collected by which officer?
(A) Agronomai
(B) Shulkadhyaksha
(C) Sitadhayaksha
(D) Akradhayaksha

17. Centres located in Gujarat, Bengal, Deccan and Tamil Country during the Gupta period were associated with which of the following:
(A) Textile manufacture
(B) Gems and precious stones
(C) Handicrafts
(D) Opium cultivation

18. According to the Sangam texts the terms Kon, Ko and Mannan were attributed to which of the following?
(A) Prime Minister
(B) Revenue Minister
(C) Commander of the army
(D) King

19. The first human statues worshipped in India were those of?
(B) Vishnu
(D) Shiva

20. “God knows man’s virtues and enquires not his caste, in the next world there is no caste !“ This was the theory of which Bhakti saint?
(A) Ramanand
(B) Dadu
(C) Nanak
(D) Ramanuja

21. The highest number of state level animal fairs in Rajasthan are held in the district?
(A) Jhalawar
(B) Nagour
(C) Barmer
(D) Hanumangarh

22. Which one amongst the following is incorrect?
(A) In the western part of Rajasthan generally salty lakes are available
(B) Sambhar lake is the biggest salty lake in India
(C) Nakki lake is the deepest lake in Rajasthan
(D) Rajsamand lake is 64 kilo meters from Udaipur and it is in Udaipur district

23. Mixed farming consists of?
(A) Growing of several crops in a planned way
(B) Growing rabi as well as kharif crops
(C) Growing several crops and also rearing animals
(D) Growing of fruits as well as vegetables

24. Mewa-nagar in Rajasthan is famous for?
(A) Jam temple of Parshwanath
(B) Exports of dry fruits
(C) Production of cumin seed
(D) Exports of Kathputli items

25. Gang canal, is among the oldest canals was constructed by
Maharaja Ganga Singh in?
(B) 1927
(D) 1932

26. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?
(A) Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project— Gujarat and Rajasthan
(B) Chambal Project—Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
(C) Beas Project.—Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
(D) Indira Gandhi Canal Project—Rajasthan and Punjab

27. Which one among the following statement is ‘incorrect’ ? New Industrial and Investment Policy of Rajasthan 2010 is introduced and it states that—
(A) During next five years 51 lakh persons will get employment
(B) 13 sectors are more important to be focussed
(C) Land will be available to industrialists on easy terms
(D) Incentive will not be accorded to Private Public Partnership

28. Rajasthan State Industrial Deve lopment and Investment Corporation (RIICO) has signed an MoU with a Japanese company for establishment of Japanese units in Neemrana Industrial area. That Japanese company is?
(A) Jetro
(B) Hetro
(C) Honda Cial
(D) Mitsubisi

29. Which automobile company has been allotted 600 Acres land of Khuskheda (Bhiwadi) for manufacturing cars?
(A) Ford
(B) Toyota
(C) Honda Cial
(D) Volkswagen

30. 14 N.E.L.P. Blocks, 1 J. V. Blocks,2 Nomination Blocks and 4 C.B.M. Blocks are related to:
(A) Gypsum belt
(B) Gold belt
(C) Petroleum Exploration
(D) Lignite belt

31. One amongst the following takes the decision about the monetary policy of India?
(A) Finance Minister of India
(B) Reserve Bank of India
(C) Prime Minister of India
(D) International Monetary Fund

32. Which train was introduced for tourists with the help of Railway
Ministry in Rajasthan on January 11,2009?
(A) Princely Rajasthan on wheels
(B) Royal Rajputana on wheels
(C) Great Rajputana on wheels
(D) Royal Rajasthan on wheels

33. The great famine known as ‘Chhapania-kal’ among Rajasthani people occurred during—
(A) 1899-1900 AD
(B) 1905-1906 AD
(C) 1956-1958 AD
(D) 1888-1889 AD

34. ‘Mocha’ coffee is grown in?
(A) Iraq
(B) Brazil
(C) Argentina
(D) Yemen

35. The area which is the ‘store house of minerals’ in South America
(A) Brazilian Plateau
(B) Bolivian Plateau
(C) Patagonia Plateau
(D) Orinoco basin

36. Celebes Sea is in?
(A) Central America
(B) South-East Asia
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) North Sea

37. The island of which Kalimantan is a part, is?
(A) Honshu
(B) Borneo
(C) Cuba
(D) Madagascar (Malagasy)

38. Baku is famous for the mining of?
(A) Gold
(B) Iron ore
(C) Mineral oil
(D) Zinc

39. The mineral which has earned fame to Chile is?
(A) Gold
(B) Manganese
(C) Nitrate
(D) Mineral oil

40. Of the following, the correct statement is?
(A) India lies in the middle of western hemisphere
(B) Caspian Sea is an open sea
(C) Rajasthan is a cool temperate desert
(D) North and South poles are antipodal to each other

41. The resource in which Chhota Nagpur Plateau is prosperous,is?
(A) Skilled labour
(B) Mineral
(C) Hydroelectricity
(D) Fertile soil

42. Of the following, the maximum prosperity of minerals is in?
(A) Karnataka
(B) Kerala
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Tamil Nadu

43. The name of the coast of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh is?
(A) Coromandel
(B) Malabar
(C) Northern Circar
(D) Konkan

44. Winter rainfall in Tamil Nadu is mostly on account of?
(A) Western disturbances
(B) South-west monsoon
(C) North-east monsoon
(D) South-east monsoon

45. Most of the topography of Manipur is?
(A) Plain
(B) Plateau
(C) Marshy
(D) Mountainous

46. Main resources of western Himalayan resource region, are?
(A) Forests
(B) Metallic minerals
(C) Carbonic minerals
(D) Atomic minerals

47. Kapili is a tributary river of?
(A) Gandak
(B) Kosi
(C) Ganga
(D) Brahmaputra

48. The district through which 70°E longitude passes is?
(A) Jodhpur
(B) Jaisalmer
(C) Dholpur
(D) Nagaur

49. The district having North-South elongation, is?
(A) Jhalawar
(B) Bhilwara
(C) Chittorgarh
(D) Jhunjhunu

50. An approximate area of Rajasthan covered under western desert, is?
(A) More than 60%
(B) Less than 30%
(C) 40%
(D) 50%

51. ‘Chhappan’ basin is in the district of ?
(A) Alwar
(B) Banswara
(C) Pali
(D) Tonk

52. The lowest air pressure in the month of June in Rajasthan is probable in the district o? (A) Bundi
(B) Baran
(C) Jaisalmer
(D) Rajsamand

53. River Khari is part of the drainage system of?
(A) Arabian Sea
(B) Inland drainage
(C) Indeterminate drainage
(D) Bay of Bengal

54.Kahrani in Bhiwadi came into news recently because of ?
(A) Saint Gobain Glass Factory
(B) Divya Pharmacy
(C) Toyota Motors
(D) Rajiv Gandhi Rural LPG Distribution Plan

55. National Institute of Ayurveda, an autonomous body of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India is located at?
(A) Udaipur
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Banswara
(D) Jaipur

56. India has become the largest recipient of the World Bank Loans during fiscal ending June, 2010. The country which follows India is?—
(A) South Africa
(B) Brazil
(C) Mexico
(D) Iran

57. India has recently added one more Biosphere Reserve. Which of these is the latest one in the list?
(A) Nokrek
(B) Dehang Debang
(C) Simplipal
(D) Cold desert

58. One amongst the following is not true?
(A) New investment policy is introduced by State Government recently
(B) 30 per cent deductions on sales tax to continue for 10 years
(C) 20 per cent subsidy will be provided on new employment
(D) Previous policy was introduced in 2008

59.G-8 Muskoka initiative is concerned with?
(A)Curbing international terrorism
(B) Promoting maternal and child health
(C) Settling international disputes
(D) Reducing greenhouse gases

60. One of the following is not a Union Territory?
(A) Tripura
(B) Daman and Diu
(C) Lakshadweep
(D) Puducherry

61. Scheduled Tribe status is?
(A) Restricted to Hindus
(B) Religiously neutral
(C) Restricted to Hindus and Christians
(D) Restricted to Hindus and Muslims

62. The author of the book ‘One Night @ The Call Centre’ is?
(A) Anurag Mathur
(B) Vikram Seth
(C) Jhumpa Lahiri
(D) Chetan Bhagat

63. Maradona is a famous football player of which country?
(A) Argentina
(B) Brazil
(C) Spain
(D) Italy

64. The Prime Minister of UK is?
(A) Tony Blair
(B) Gordon Brown
(C) David Cameron
(D) David Miliband

65. The Chief Minister of Karnataka is?
(A) B. S. Yeddiurappa
(B) S. M. Krishna
(C) Deve Gowda
(D) Rosiah

66. What is the name of the President of Iran?
(A) M. Khominenni
(B) E. Moussavi
(C) M. Ahmedinejad
(D) S. Chisti

67. Which state was most affected by the blockade of the highway by the Naga Students Union in 2010?
(A) Nagaland
(B) Maruipur
(C) Arunachal Pradesh
(D) Mizoram

68. The Cabinet Secretary of India is?
(A) G. K. Pillai
(B) Chandrashekhar
(C) T. Srinivasan
(D) Madhukar Gupta

69. The Chief Minister of Jharkhand who is sworn in on September 11, 2010 is?

(A) Shibu Soren
(B) Arjun Munda
(C) Subodh Kant Sahay
(D) Macthu Konda

70. Which of the following country is not a member of SAARC?
(A) Afghanistan
(B) Bhutan
(C) Maldives
(D) Myanmar

71. The new President of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) is?
(A) Rahul Bajaj
(B) M. Dalmia
(C) Han Bhartia
(D) Sunil Mittal

72. POSCO, a Korean multinational company, intends to invest
Rs. 52,000 crore in?
(A) Chhattisgarh
(B) Jharkhand
(C) West Bengal
(D) Orissa

73. The headquarters of Cairn Energy is in?
(A) Scotland
(B) South Korea
(C) Brazil

74. Kerala state is famous world over for cultivating?
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Spices
(D) Rice

75. Plants growing on rocks are called?
(A) Epiphytes
(B) Halophytes
(C) Xerophytes
(D) Lithophytes

76. Information about local flora can be obtained from?
(A) Herbarium
(B) Auditorium
(C) Sanitarium
(D) Planetarium

77. One of the following is called ‘flame of the forest’—
(A) Bouhinia variegata
(B) Jacaranda mimosafolia
(C) Butea monosperma
(D) Tectona grandis

78. Which of the following is called ‘graveyard of Dinosaurs’?
(A) China
(B) Montana
(C) Argentina
(D) Brazil

79. Which one is a mammal?
(B) Squid
(D) Whale

80. Sanctuary famous for Rhinoceros is ?
(A) Kaziranga
(B) Gir
(C) Ranthombore
(D) Corbett

81. The ‘Ashta Diggaj’ were associated with which of the following rules?
(A) Shivaji
(B) Krishnadeva Ray
(C) Rajendra-I
(D) Yashovarman

82. Who was the famous author of Kitab-ul-Hind?
(A) Hasan Nizami
(B) Minhaj-us-Siraj
(C) Al Baruni
(D) Shams-i-Siraj Afif

83. ‘Ain-i-Dahsala’ system of land revenue assessment during the reign of Akbar was introduced by—
(A) Shah Nawaz Khan
(B) Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khana
(C) Todar Mal
(D) Mulla-Do-Pyaza

84. Who was the first historian who wrote about ‘Feudalism’ in Rajasthan during the 19th century?
(A) Col. James Tod
(B) Dr. L. P. Tessitori
(C) George Grearson
(D) John Thomas

85.Who was the famous ruler of Mewar who repaired the fort of
(A) Rana Ratan Singh
(B) Maharana Kumbha
(C) Rana Sanga
(D) Maharana Raj Singh

86. The famous historian of Rajasthan who was also a social
reformer was?
(A) Mankaran Sarda
(B) Harbilas Sarda
(C) C.K.F. Waltier
(D) Jamnalal Bajaj

87. The longest folk song of Rajasthan is associated with
which of the following Lok Devis /Devtas?
(A) Jeena Mata
(B) Aai Mata
(C) Mallinathji

88. Who was the ruler of a state in Rajasthan who played a very significant role in the establishment of Banaras Hindu University?
(A) Maharana Fateh Singh (Udaipur)
(B) Maharaja Ummed Singh (Jodhpur)
(C) Maharaja Man Singh-II (Jaipur)
(D) Maharaja Ganga Singh (Bikaner)

89. Who was made the Raj Pramukh of united Rajasthan which came into existence of March 25, 1948?
(A) Maharaja of Dholpur
(B) Maharaja of Karauli
(C) Maharao of Kota
(D) Maharaja of Sirohi
90. The first three universities in India (Calcutta, Madras and Bombay) were established in which year?
(B) 1881
(D) 1905

91. Mahatma Gandhi presided over only in one session of the Indian National Congress in 1924. Where was the session held?
(A) Gaya
(B) Amritsar
(C) Belgaon
(D) Kanpur

92. Where did the Congress Work ing Committee meet to pass the ‘Govt. Indian Resolution’ of July 14, 1942?
(A) Bombay
(B) Wardha
(C) Lucknow
(D) Tripura

93. The Greatest Parsi Social reformer of the 19th century was?
(A) Sir Jamshedji
(B) Sir Rustom Behramji
(C) Navalji Tata
(D) Behramji M. Mallabari

94. Sariska and Ranthambore are the reserves for which of the follow
ing animals?
(B) Deer
(D) Bear

95. India’s main agricultural product import item is?
(B) Coffee
(D) Edible oils

96. Find the odd product out of the following
(A) Sesame
(B) Groundnut
(C) Caster seed
(D) Mustard

97. Recently the Bank of Rajasthan has been merged with?
(A) H.D.F.C.
(C) State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
(D) State Bank of India

98. The first cooperative society in Rajasthan was established in
1905 of?
(A) Bhinai in Ajmer district
(B) Jaola in Nagour district
(C) Gulabpura in Bhilwada district
(D) Bassi in Jaipur district

99. According to Animal census 2003 the density of Animals in Rajasthan and highest density of animals in district is?
(A) 144 and Doongarpur
(B) 150 and Barmer
(C) 160 and Bikaner
(D) 165 and Bharatpur

100. Dhaman, Karad and Anjan are the?
(A) Varieties of Sheep in Rajasthan
(B) Varieties of Caster seed of Gujarat
(C) Varieties of Grass in Rajsthan
(D) Three heroes of Gawari dance

Answers :
2. (C)
3. (A)
4. (B)
5. (D)
7. (A)
8. (B)
9. (A)
10. (B)
12. (B)
13. (D)
15. (D)
16. (C)
17. (A)
18. (D)
20. (C)
21. (B)
22. (D)
25. (B)
26. (D)
27. (D)
28. (D)
31. (B)
32. (D)
33. (A)
34. (D)
36. (B)
37. (B)
38. (C)
39. (C)
41. (B)
42. (A)
43. (A)
46. (A)
47. (D)
48. (B)
49. (C)
51. (B)
53.(D )
61. (C)
62. (D)
63. (A)
64. (C)
66. (C)
67. (B)
68. (B)
69. (B)
71. (C)
74. (C)
75. (D)
76. (A)
78. (B)
79. (D)
80. (A)
81. (B)
82. (C)
83. (C)
84. (A)
85. (B)
86. (B)
87. (A)
88. (D)
91. (C)
92. (A)
93. (D)
94. (C)
95. (D)
96. (C)
97. (B)
98. (A)
99. (A)
100. (C)

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