Friday, January 21, 2011

GK Model test paper For SSC Graduate level Exams

GK Model test paper For SSC Graduate level Exams
1.16th SAARC Summit Was held in April 2010 in ?

A. New Delhi

B. Kathmandu

C. Islamabad

D. Thimpu

2.First Indigenously built Stealth Warship for indian Navy Which was commissioned recently ( April 2010) is ?

A. INS Vikranta

B. INS Sindhukirti

C. INS Shivalik

D. INS Kamorta

3.Who is New Chief justice of Supreme Court of India?

A. SH Kapadia

B. K G Balakrishnan

C. Altamas Kabir

D .R.V.Raveendran

4.16th ASIAN SUmmit was held in APRIL 2010 in ?

A Jakarta

B. Bangkok

C Hanoi

D Singapore

5.Which Country is proposing to BAN Muslim Veil in Public

A. Italy

B. France


D. Germany

6.Name of the person who was chosen best Parliamentarian of year 2009 is ?

A. Murli Manohar joshi

B. Laalo Prasad yadav

C. Amar Singh

D. Sonia Gandhi

7.Dada Saheb phalke Award was recntly ( in April 2010) was given to ?
A. Dilip Kumar

B BR Chopra

C. Yash Chopra

D. Dev Anand

8. Majauli World's largest River island is Situated in ?
A Assam
B Jharkhand
C West bangal
D karnatka

9. New NASSCOM Chief is ?
A.Narayan murti
B Aziz premji
C. Harsh Manglik
D Aditya Birla

10. Mukul M Sangma is new Chief minister of ?
A Arunachal Pradesh
B Sikkim
C Mizoram
D Meghalaya


1: D

2: C

3: A

4: C

5: B

6: A

7: D

8: A
9: C
10: D

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