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gk india exam

gk india exam
India General Knowledge Quiz
General Knowledge Informations General Knowledge in India
1. In the Union Budgets in India, which one of the following is the
largest in amount ?
(A) Plan Expenditure
(B) Non-Plan Expenditure
(C) Revenue Expenditure
(D) Capital Expenditure

2, The important metal used with iron to produce stainless steel is ?
(A) Carbon
(B) Tin
(C) Chromium
(D) Aluminium
3. What is the source of electrical energy in an artificial satellite ?
(A) Solar cells
(B) Mini nuclear reactor
(C) Dynamo
(D) Thermopile
4. The age of the tree can be determined from the :
(A) Counting of leaves on the tree
(B) Counting the number of rings on its stern
(C) Counting the branches on the tree
(D) Measurement of its height
5. The fuel tanks of the spacecraft ’Discovery’ that was launched
into space on July 4, 2006 was filled with :
(A) Liquid hydrogen only
(B) Liquid oxygen only
(C) Mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen
(D) Mixture of liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid helium
6. Consider the following statements and give the answer with
the help of codes given below :
Assertion (A) : Only one side of the moon’s surface is visible from the earth.
Reason (R) 1 The period of rotation of the moon on its axis is equal to the period of its revolution round the earth.
Code :
(A) Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A
(B) Both A and R are correct but R is not the correct explanation of A
(C) A is correct but R is wrong
(D) A is wrong but R is correct

7. The weight of any body is
(A) Same at every place on earth’s surface
(B) Maximum at poles
(C) More on equator
(D) More on mountains than in plains
8. On Iuly 3, 2006, the first train was out from Lhasa Railway
station. When it passed through its highest point over the Tibetan
grassland, many passengers reached out for which of the
following to ward off altitude sickness ?
(A) Mineral water bottle
(B) Pollution filter mask
(C) Oxygen mask
(D) Cold drink bottle

9. The most toxic metal pollutant of automobile exhaust is ?
(A) Copper
(B) Lead
(C) Cadmium
(D) Mercury
10. Who is known as "Father of White Revolution" in India ?
(A) M. S. Swaminathan
(B) V. Kurien
(C) K. N. Bahl
(D) B. P. Pal
11. Blue green algae are chiefly used as bio fertilizer in the crop of :
(A) Wheat
(B) Gram
(C) Paddy
(D) Mustard
12. The device used for converting alternating current to direct
current is called ?
(A) Inverter
(B) Rectifier
(C) Transformer
(D) Transmitter

13. An earth satellite is kept moving in its orbit. It is due to the
phenomenon of centripetal force provided by :
(A) The rocket engine propelling the satellite
(B) The gravitational attraction of the Earth on the satellite
(C) The gravitational attraction of the Sun on the satellite
(D) The gravitational attraction of satellite on Earth
14. A person meets with an accident and needs blood-transfusion but
there is no time to check his blood group. Which of the following blood groups could be given to him ?
(A) O +
(B) O —
(C) AB +
(D) AB -
15, Shahtoosh shawl is made from the hairs of ?
(A) Hangul
(B) Chirikara
(C) Chiru
(D) Merino

16. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(A) Dry ice : solid carbon dioxide
(B) Mustard gas : poisonous liquid used in chemical warfare
(C) Teflon : polymer containing Fluorine
(D) Fullerence : organic compounds containing fluorine
17, The energy of the sun is produced by :
(A) Nuclear fission
(B) Ionization
(C) Nuclear fusion
(D) Oxidation

18. The tax on import and export is known as ?
(A) income Tax
(B) Trade Tax
(C) Custom Duty
(D) None of the above
19 On which of the following dates is your shadow at noon the
smallest ?
(A) December 25
(B) March 21
(C) june 22
(D) February 14
20. Centre for DNA fingerprinting is located at ?
(A) New Delhi
(B) Bangalore
(C) Pune
(D) Hyderabad
21. Ozone layer in atmosphere
(A) Produces rain
(B) Produces pollution
(C) Provides safety to life on earth from ultraviolet radiation
(D) Produces oxygen in the atmosphere
22. Cryogenic engines are used in ?

(A) Rockets
(B) Atomic reactors ,
(C) Defrost refrigerators
(D) Doing research connected with superconductivity
23. Transformer is used for ?
(A) Converting AC into DC
(B) Converting DC into AC
(C) To step up DC voltages
(D) To step up or step down AC voltages

24. The most commonly used substance in fluorescent tubes are ?
(A) Sodium oxide and argon
(B) Sodium vapour and neon
(C) Mercury vapour and argon
(D) Mercuric oxide and neon
25. ’Threat of global warming’ is increasing due to increasing
concentration of ?
(A) Ozone
(B) Nitrous oxide
(C) Sulphur dioxide
(D) Carbon dioxide

1 C
2 C
3 A
4 B
5 C
6 A
7 C
8 C
9 B
10 B
11 C
12 C
13 B
14 B
15 C
16 D
17 C
18 C
19 C
20 D
21 C
22 A
23 D
24 C
25 D

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